The Lark Construction Cleaning - Pure Clean Techs

Pure Clean Techs are the Construction Cleaning Professionals in Bozeman and Big Sky Montana. We are happy to help out the Lark Hotel. What makes us unique is are ability to work as a team, adapt quickly, and clear communication through out our team. The Lark Hotel is great local hotel in downtown Bozeman.

The construction clean is one of the last steps before the Lark opens their doors to the public. We are excited to take on this large construction clean and help out the Lark open their doors. We have a great team of 12 professionals who have a lot of experience with the large commercial buildings. We can handle large commercial buildings from 5000 sqft – 500,000 sqft. All construction cleans we do are a 3 phase project.

What that means is the first phase is called the rough clean which is the most difficult part of the the job. Phase 2 is the smooth clean and phase 3 is the final clean. At Pure clean Techs we pride ourselves in handling and taking on large projects. We always say give us 1% of your trust and we will earn the other 99% through our professionalism and work ethic on tackling these big projects.

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