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Basic Equipment Rental – We have state-of-the-art drying equipment available for daily rental. We provide curb-side delivery, although unloading the equipment from the delivery vehicle is the renter’s responsibility. Not familiar with the drying process and need a little guidance?  Pure Clean Techs can also provide task specific monitoring technicians for an additional hourly rate (see chart below).  Here are the various services our monitoring technicians can help you with:

Drying Technician – Technician will assist in equipment placement, monitoring all applications to succeed in  localized area or entire building drying.

Project Manager – Project manager will oversee the entire project, monitoring all aspects of building drying, documentation and billing, along with any other aspects necessary to complete the drying process.

The Drying Team – This team will coordinate, manage,  and provide all labor, equipment and supplies necessary to return the structure to pre loss moisture levels.


Rental Terms

  • All rates are for time out, not time used
  • Daily rates per calendar day.  Rentals for 8 hours or more per day will be charged full daily rate.  Rentals less than 8 hours a day will be charged half daily rate.
  • 12% damage waiver will be added without proof of insurance
  • Customer is responsible for all electrical hook-ups
  • 3-day minimum on ALL rentals
  • Decontamination fees only apply when needed
  • Delivery and pickup charged at cost plus 20%

Rental Pricing

Equipment Your Price (Daily) Suggested Retail (Daily)
Air Mover $15 $25-$35
Dehumidifier $55 $115-$145
Air Scrubber $75 $150-$175
Extension Cord $4 $5
Thermo Imaging Camera $100 $250


Decontamination Fees (one-time charge per unit)

Air Mover $6.95
Dehumidifier $13.95
Air Scrubber $13.95
Pre Filter $24.95


Technicians Available

Monitoring Technician** $55 per regular hour
Monitoring Technician*** $82.50 per overtime hour
Monitoring Technician**** $110 per double time hour

All rental pricing is based on 30 day net terms.
**Monitoring Technicians- $55/hour (regular time, 8 hour minimum per tech)
***Monitoring Technicians- $82.50/hour for overtime (work performed after 5pm and/or weekends and holidays)
****Monitoring Technicians- $110/hour for double time (work performed on Sundays and/or holidays)
All Corporate pricing is based upon 30 day net terms.



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