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Pet Urine Cleaning Services

Pure Clean Techs offer residential and commercial pet urine clean ups.

Identify and Neutralize

Pure Clean Techs is a highly trained and specialized in pet urine clean ups. We identify and neutralize any and all stains/odors caused by your pet/pets. Bad odors often indicate the presence of harmful bacteria, mold, or other contaminants.


The Root

It’s important to identify the root cause and deal with the problem at its source. Different air-borne and trapped odor sources need different methods. Sometimes a combination of methods to neutralize and decontaminate.

Process and Pricing

There are many methods at our disposal. Which get rid of the problems caused by urine, feces, vomit, organic decomposition and more.

Frequently Asked Pet Urine & Odor Questions

What can be done about urine odor?

We normally use enzymes or a professional grade deodorizer to treat urine. First, we use a special urine detector to pinpoint exactly where the urine deposits are. Then we spray neutralizer only on the affected areas. The stains could be permanent, although we usually have a very good chance of removal.

What to do if you have a severe pet stain urine odor?

If the odor is severe, the padding beneath the carpet may need to be replaced and the sub floor treated. We also treat the face fibers with deodorizer, allow time to dwell, and then extract. If the urine is covering over half of the carpet, it may be more cost effective to replace the room of carpeting. We normally only recommend this procedure if the pet is no longer in the home.

Is vomit removable from carpeting?

Yes, normally. However, the chances are reduced if an improper spot removal solution has been applied to the stain before our arrival.

What can you do for recurring pet stain urine spots?

First, we use our urine probe to determine exactly where the spot is. Next, we flood the area with an oxidizer enzyme mixture and allow the mixture to dwell for at least 20 minutes. Last, we use our “water claw” spot lifter to pull the urine directly from the padding. This process eliminates 90% of all urine problems.

Do you have a 100% Guarantee on Pet Odors?

Unfortunately there is no way to completely guarantee odors of any type. The reason is that the odor may not only be in the carpet. It may be under the padding on the cement or wood beneath the carpet. It may also be on the baseboards, drapes, walls, etc. Furthermore, one cleaning may not be sufficient to take care of a severe urine odor. Sometimes return trips are necessary.


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