Water Damage Cleanup Professionals | Pure Clean Techs

Watch out for water damage devastating effects of property damage. Bozeman, Big Sky, and surrounding areas the weather is below freezing and pipes are freezing, slow leaks happening, and calls are coming in. Pure Clean Techs disaster recovery team responds quickly to prevent further damage, gain control of the environment, and minimize costs. If you suffer from water damage, frozen pipes, sewage back ups, crawl space floods, slow leaks, and floods we are here to help and be your water damage professionals. We at Pure Clean Techs are insurance approved, have an in house adjuster that understands the claims process to protects you, and have the newest technology available for drying homes and business. We have dehumidifiers, air movers, dryers, water extraction machines, sump pumps, and most all the education to utilize and maximize our efficiency and performance. We are trained, certified, and have over 30 years experience handle water claims. http://yellowstoneclub.com/

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